ABC News Video: Genetically Screening Tumors

Article Link: ABC News Video: Genetically Screening Tumors
Publish Date: 11/01/2009
Description: Fighting Cancer by Genetically Screening Tumors

According to an ABC news story in November 2009, Bill Schuette had tried chemotherapy — seven different kinds — but his lung cancer continued to grow. His doctor told him that they had exhausted every option — there was no other way to treat his cancer.

Shortly thereafter, Schuette saw a report on ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson” about a new way of genetically screening lung tumors for a cancer gene mutations. Scientists were testing new drugs that had the potential to act on lung cancer tumors that had certain types of mutations.

Schuette called the Massachusetts General Cancer Center, where the tumor genetic screening was being done, and asked if he could have his tumor screened for the mutation. ABC has given DNAScribe its permission to show our readers the video that was aired in 2009 describing Schuette’s story.

Click on the link above to watch this story and find out how new genetic knowledge is helping scientists to genetically screen tumors to identify characteristics that will help physicians make better informed treatment decisions.